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“We screened our embryos because were at risk for a hereditary cancer. Orchid found something more - we were carriers for the same condition. Without screening, 25% of our children could have the disease. Now, our kids are more likely to be healthy.”
Ella & Andy
“When we learned that PGT-WGS was an option we were onboard. Orchid let us screen our embryos for a range of inherited diseases. It's exciting that this technology is empowering parents to make informed choices.”
Roshan & Julie
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Tim Urban

Have talked with Noor a few times and she consistently blows my mind with the work she's doing.

Jerry Lanchburry
Molecular Diagnostics R&D Leader

Congratulations Noor Siddiqui on this profound achievement for you and the team.

Claire Lehmann

I am lucky enough to have two healthy, happy children. But if I were to have another child at my advanced age, I would definitely use @OrchidInc. There's nothing like having the peace of mind, knowing that your child is going to thrive.

Teodora Popa
Programme Director MSc Reproductive Science and Wom...

Incredible to see the launch of a new platform able to screen the whole genome of embryos, providing much more data than current embryo testing technologies while looking at multiple genetic risks at once. A big step towards the future of reproductive health and personalised genomics!

Jenny Chao

can't wait to use Orchid one day! go @noor_siddiqui_!

Zach Tratar

As accessibility increases to genetic testing, I think it's going to look increasingly weird not to test before having kids.

If you can screen to prevent major illness, why not? The cost of illness will far exceed the cost of testing.

@OrchidInc = wow

Jordan Shlain, MD
Founder, Exec. Chair of Private Medical -Internist, Science gee...

Fertility Update: Congrats to Orchid and Noor Siddiqui on their whole genome embryo screening launch!


Such a big day for improved optionality and better decision-making in fertility! go

@noor_siddiqui and @OrchidInc!

Chris Best

Whole genome sequencing to help the kids of the next generation is cool tech for the most important cause.

Thank you @noor_siddiqui for helping us live in a time of wonders.

Andy Coravos

Wahoo -- go @noor_siddiqui go! Glad to see this widely available. Huge moment for reproductive technology

cat wu

@noor_siddiqui is empowering parents with more data on embryos than ever before accessible!  i have heard so much positive feedback from Orchid users over the past few months

Inês Silva

Massive leap forward!!



Congrats @noor_siddiqui on the huge news!!!

99% testing of embryos will be life changing for so many families - if you’re thinking about having kids or IVF, check out @orchidinc

Anna Mitchell

If you want to have a really healthy baby, you should look at @OrchidInc and @noor_siddiqui -  amazing!


Full genome sequencing on embroys is now here. Congrats on the launch @noor_siddiqui and team!

Rishi Bedi

huge congrats to @noor_siddiqui and @OrchidInc team for this big step forward in IVF decision-making

Fred Ehrsam

.@OrchidInc now does whole genome sequencing of embryos. Important forward progress towards better understanding the genetic health of future children.

Charu Sharma

👏👏 @noor_siddiqui and team just launched a test to identify an embryo's genetic defects before an IVF pregnancy begins!! Been so cool to watch your journey over the years!!

Anjney Midha

Incredibly excited for @noor_siddiqui and entire @OrchidInc team to unveil the world's first whole genome sequencing for embryos! They're turning science fiction into reality

Mario Schlosser

Excellent & fascinating work by the fantastic @noor_siddiqui and her team!

Prasanna S

This seems huge. Congrats @noor_siddiqui_

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